TJ6003W is the LTE packet core EPC solution. Tejas EPC is a compact 19-inch rack mountable form factor system, yet highly scalable to provide all the functions of the 3GPP Enhanced Packet Core. The system is scalable to 200,000 subscribers within the same form factor. Scalability is also possible in terms of backhaul data rate. For fault tolerance, it supports “high-availability” operation, with redundancy in both the control plane and the data plane. Tejas EPC consists of five principal EPC components: MME, SGW, PGW, HSS, and PCRF. MME, HSS and PCRF are the control plane components and SGW and PGW handle the data plane traffic. All these EPC components run in real-time on the Tejas embedded platform. The platform is used in conjunction with an external Element Management System (EMS), a web-based interface, which is used for managing all these components.

TJ6003W 4G/LTE Packet Core EPC

Low foot-print highly scalable platform from 1,500 users to 50,000 users

3U Standard 19 inch rack mountable ATCA chassis

Optional redundancy for power input and chassis management functionality

Shelf assemblies are designed using Field Replaceable Units (FRU) enabling easy maintenance and high availability

Single box solution incorporating all EPC components – MME, PCRF, HSS, S-GW and P-GW

High Availability option for both control plane and data plane on the same chassis

Highly distributed architecture – data plane and control plane can optionally be redeployed to physically reside in different locations


TJ1602 eNodeB

4G/LTE Macro eNodeB

TJ1602 eNodeB 4G/LTE Macro eNodeB