TJ1600 balances Packet and Circuit transport in a way which is unique to the industry. Its hybrid architecture allows for three configurations; TDM with Packet Transport, Hybrid TDM and Packet Transport and all DWDM Optical Transport using the same hardware and software features. TJ1600 optimizes 1G and 10G transport by using OTN switching to efficiently pack and route traffic through the network. The use of OTN switching also reduces the complexity of the Packet network by offloading high bandwidth services directly onto the OTN/DWDM optical layer.

TJ1600 Next-Generation Optical Access and Aggregation
Seamless POTP Evolution on SDH, OTN, DWDM & Ethernet platforms
Best in class packet switching capabilities: 240G Packet Fabric
MPLSTP (transport profile) based pseudowires for traffic engineered traffic flows on trunks.
50ms Protection on packet that allows real-time monitoring of end-to- end circuits, enabling quick detection of faults
Supports SyncE and 1588v2 for distribution of Synchronization information over pure packet networks.
Supports SAToP and CESoPSN for carrying TDM traffic over a pure packet infrastructure
TDM Switching for efficient transport of SDH and PDH
Terabit-scale Grooming and Switching of OTN, PTN, SDH and Ethernet traffic
Universal, Programmable, Dense Multi-protocol Cards
Nx100Gbps DWDM transmission with multi-degree ROADM support



Next-Generation Optical Access and Aggregation

TJ1400 Next-Generation Optical Access and Aggregation