About Our Services

‘’Tsiko Africa Group was set up by local entrepreneurs and operational since 2017, each bringing years of experience across specialized industries, to invest in Technology, Data Analytics, Cellular Technologies, Security Services, Mining and Logistics, to create business operating groups (OPCO). The group continues to leverage shareholders business interests and relationships, with leading corporate organizations, that can capture synergistic emerging market opportunities, whilst positively contributing to the economy and GDP”.

Tsiko Africa Plan

Tsiko Africa is intent on building the business operating group, on a model that would ensure that each business in the Group has the following:

   •   Capability, Resources and IP to operate in Strategic business sectors and achieve Group objectives
   •   Empowers local communities to lead and manage the businesses
   •   Develops local skills and capability in each business
   •   Collaborate with Partners and introduce world class Technologies and Services

As such Tsiko Africa Group will seek to acquire such businesses or develop partnerships with leading international and local businesses that can enable the development of these businesses and communities at large. Tsiko Tejas serve as a South African based ICT and Digital technologies partner, Localized operations specializing in technology design, product manufacturing, software development and solutions. Our strength resides in our ability to orchestrate best of breed capabilities in the technology arena to deliver high impact solutions to industries that make a difference. Understanding the macro and micro challenges that impact local markets, Tsiko Tejas is an ideal ICT and Digital partner that focuses on creating exponential value for clients now and into the future.

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