TJ1602W is the LTE Macro eNodeB solution on the TJ1600-2 platform, extending its role from the backhaul/enterprise segment to the wireless access segment by offering LTE Base Station capability. With the addition of the LTE Baseband card, TJ1602W now offers a complete TD-LTE Release -9 compliant 2X2 MIMO dual 3-sector Macro eNodeB on a 2 U form factor. The eNodeB protocol processing for the three sectors is handled by the Baseband card while the Remote Radio Head handles the RF up/down conversion. The RRHs are mounted on a tower while the Baseband card occupies one line card slot on the TJ1600-2 chassis.

TJ1602 eNodeB 4G/LTE Macro eNodeB

TD-LTE Release-9 eNodeB on TJ1600-2 platform

Configurable 5/10/ 20 MHz bandwidth

Dual eNodeB Baseband Line cards

Each Baseband card acts as a 3 sector LTE Macro Base Station Baseband Unit

Base Station Synchronization through GPS, SyncE, PTPv2 or BITS

Tower mounted RRH (Remote Radio Head) for each sector connecting to Baseband card over fiber with up to 20 km between RRH and Baseband card

Operations and Management Integrated with TJ1600 platform EMS and NMS components



4G/LTE Packet Core EPC

TJ6003W 4G/LTE Packet Core EPC